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will Send 250000 Real Traffic Visits Worldwide Alexa Ranking Impressive Service

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This Service is Not A Huge Useless Page Views Or Fake Traffic Send By Bots, This Is An Impressive Traffic Visits To Rank Your Alexa At Lower Price.
\r\nA Great Traffic Visitors Service Offer Just In SEOCLERKS
\r\nSignificant Advantages:
\r\n1- Traffic Is Measurable In All Platforms And Panels Like: GA (google analytics), goo.gle Analytics Data, bit.ly, and All Website Statistics Plugins.
\r\n2- Significant Alexa Rank Improvement.
\r\n3- Search Engine Friendly Visits.
\r\n4- It is Not Hit, i\'s a Complete Page Loading Visits and Supercharge Your Site SEO.
\r\n5- Speed Up Indexing and Ranking.
\r\nIf You Are Looking For Low Price fake Proxy Visits
\r\nThis Service is not Suitable For You

\r\nQuality Services Costs More Than Fake Services
\r\nThis Traffic Visits Is Not Software Like Traffic Demon-Traffic Booster- Visits Traffic Bot- Jingling- ...
\r\nThis Is Real Human Visits With Real Public Ip Not Proxy
\r\nTraffic Bots Make Your Site Penalized By Google And Alexa

\r\n1- Sites with Loading Time Over 6 seconds will not receive All Visits Properly and GA May Show Less Visitors Than What We Are Sending.
\r\n2- After Order Or During Order Execution, Please Do Not Add Popup, Video, Pop Under Or Any Other Changes To Your Landing Page That Causes Increase In Loading Time.
\r\n3- Please Don\'t Send Sites With Film Download, Music Download... Content With High Duration load.
\r\n4- I Strongly Recommend To Use CDN Cloud Hosting For Your Site Before You Order For Traffic To Me.
\r\n5- Duration Time of each visits is 5-20 seconds. If You need long Duration Time and High Quality Visits Please Order My Long Duration visits Service.
\r\n6- Daily Visits Rate is 7000-10000 visits and if you need more daily visits please contact me.
\r\nQ: How Can I measure Visits?
\r\nA: You Can Check on Google Analytics and Also Unique Short Url (goo.gl) Statistics We Send To You.
\r\nQ: How Long it takes To complete 250k Visits?
\r\nA: It Depends on daily Visits. It Usually takes 15 to 25 days of work.
\r\nQ: Do you Guaranty 250k Visits?
\r\nA: Yes, if You Do Not See On Google Analytics Or Awstats Or Our Short Url Shows No Visits I will Give You Complete Refund.
\r\nQ: witch User agent do you use?
\r\nA: I use Mobile and Desktop Firefox and chrome, safari New user agent.
\r\nQ: When Do You Deliver The Order?
\r\nA: I Set Your Campaign In 48 Hours And Deliver The Short Url Statistics Link To You. Your Order Will Be Done Continuously and May Take 1 Month Or More But It Is Guaranteed By Me To Be Done.
\r\nQ: Do You Guarantee My Sales Increase?
\r\nA: No. I Just Try To Do My Job Well.
\r\nIf Your question Is Not Listed Here Please Don\'t Hesitate To PM Me.

\r\nImportant Questions:
\r\nQ: When My Alexa Rank Starts Improvement (Drops)?
\r\nA: Alexa Rank Drop Starts After 200-300k Visits. At Start May face Some Increase and Tolerances But When 200-300k Visits is Sent, You Will See Improvement Dramatically.

\r\nQ: When My Site Starts Ranking in Google?
\r\nA: Most Frequently Question is Google Ranking. I Assure You After 1 Million Traffic (Low Bounce Rate Traffic) Your Site Starts Improving in Google So Do Not Expect To Rank In SERPs by 500k or 250k Orders.


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Send 250000 Real Traffic Visits Worldwide Alexa Ranking Impressive Service

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